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Welcome to MyCoffee4ME.com where you can purchase fresh-on-demand, Fair Trade and Organic coffees that benefit research for myalgic encephalomyelitis*–the ME in Coffee4ME.


I’m a geriatric nurse practitioner–in both senses of the word–disabled/retired with a complicated, debilitating and life-altering systemic, neuro-immune-endocrine disease called ME. You will also see it referred to as ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). The disease is poorly understood due to decades of research neglect and a lack of clinical care worldwide.

ME has been virtually ignored by the federal government throughout both Republican and Democratic administrations. Most of the forward progress in this disease is accomplished through private funding.

Please see The Awful Truth About ME for additional information on this life-crushing disease.

Although I cannot work as a Nurse Practitioner any longer due to the effects of this disease on my brain and body, I am well enough now that I could gather the energy to set up this website.


Every cent of profit from this website is dedicated to organizations that promote and underwrite research into ME. Half the proceeds are donated each quarter to an organization that is actively involved in either funding or directly performing research into the cause and treatment for ME. The remaining half of quarterly profits is donated to foundations and organizations that work to increase public awareness and understanding of ME.

Coffee purchasers vote each quarter for the organization and research they wish to fund.


ME effects more than just the person with it. Families are often left in poverty after a mother or father can no longer work. Even if a parent remains healthy, often they have to quit work to care for a child with ME. A quarter of all patients are entirely housebound or bedridden. One in ten dies prematurely due to major organ failure, cancer, heart disease or suicide.

In its 2015 report, the Institute of Medicine estimated the total direct and indirect economic costs of ME to be between $17 to $24 billion annually. This includes monies spent on medical care and equipment, loss of income due to disability, and costs associated with being disabled such as in-home caregivers and nursing homes.

The tremendous personal costs associated with being forced to give up a career you love, no longer being able to participate in life outside the home, the burden of lying in bed day after day in a dark room with few or no outside inputs, the inability to form a coherent thought when you once were an honor roll student, or being unable to even take a shower cannot be calculated.

I speak for all people with ME

when I say we are so very grateful

for your support!




Ellie Strand, MSN, RN, APRN (Ret.)


*Pronounced my-al-jic-en-sef-alo-my-lie-tis



Many thanks to #MEAction.net, Solve ME/CFS, and ME-Pedia.org for background material used on this site.